Shallow Water Stands for Self-Cleaning Strainers


In several western states, government agencies have established criteria for pumping from waters that require fish protection. SURE-FLO has developed several ways to install their self-cleaning strainers to satisfy these regulations. Each stand uses PVC pipe that is bolted together.

Tee arrangement for SCS
The tee configuration is resting on the PVC stand, and keeps both strainers off the bottom. It is fish compliant to 518 gpm (with a .4 ft/sec approach velocity). This unit has performed well in moving water with a depth of 16".
  Elbow arrangement for SCS
The second stand is an example of how single units can be installed.

An aluminum tee welded to the bottom of a foot valve will support the end of a 3" or 4" suction line. When the tee rests on a stand made with 8" PVC pipe the SCS3 or SCS4 self-cleaning strainers are 4 1/2" off the bottom and will operate in 17" of water. The PVC end cap for the tee can be located at either end of the tee. It's simple, long lasting, and easy to install.The stand requires no welding, just cutting and bolting PVC pipe together.


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