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Horizontal Strainers For OD Tubing

The horizontal strainer is designed to lie near the bottom of a stream or pond. Each cylindrical strainer has 1/4 inch holes and is fully perforated, thus allowing the suction tube to be placed at any angle. Additional strainer sections can be added to increase straining area. These strainers can be ordered with any style Sure-Flo foot valve attached. Solid aluminum curved sheets can also be ordered to fit over the screen section which helps in the elimination of whirlpooling. These sheets however, cut down the open area of the strainer screens.
Horizontal Strainers For OD Tubing
Part No. Height Width Weight Screen Ht. Screen Dia. Open Area Seat Bolts Req'd Screen Bolts Req'd Screen Bolt Dim. Flange Bolts
SFSH4 40-3/4 12-3/8 24 17 11 470 n/a 6 1/4 x 18 n/a
SFSH6 42-3/4 12-3/8 25 17 11 470 n/a 6 1/4 x 18 n/a
SFSH8 44-3/4 12-3/8 26 17 11 470 n/a 6 1/4 x 18 n/a

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